24 life tips, easy to learn and practical.
12.30.2022 | goodgadgetdeals | Blogs

24 life tips, easy to learn and practical.


As long as you are willing to pay close attention, life is full of new ideas and wonderful tricks.

Less nonsense, more tricks, happy life Taotao, do not believe together "accept".

  1. If you have a lot of miscellaneous things and don't know how to start, don't forget to have a storage box, storage box, and storage cabinet.
  2. Use the essential balm skillfully. In summer, there are many mosquitoes in the evening. Open a bottle of essential balm and insert a cotton swab on it. In this way, you can save a lot of mosquito repellent incense and liquid mosquito repellent incense, so that you can have a good beauty sleep.
  3. When squatting in the toilet, in order to avoid too much smell in the toilet, when you just pull out the Baba, you immediately flush it with water, so that you can avoid the smell.
  4. Refrigerators often store meat and other flavorful things. Don't worry about the smell volatilizing. Put a few slices of lemon in them, and the air will become fresh.
  5. Skillfully use lemon to remove gasoline. If you have gasoline on your hands or on a table, take a fresh lemon, twist out its juice and put it where there is gasoline. After repeated several times, wash it with soap.
  6. After eating onions, garlic, mustard and other delicious things, you can drink a bottle of yogurt after eating, which can effectively remove the taste of your mouth.
  7. Yogurt also has many advantages. It can quench thirst, relieve greasy food, relieve hot food, and also relieve sleepiness and refresh your mind. Therefore, you might as well keep a bottle of yoghurt nearby.
  8. When cooking tangyuan or dumplings, you need to wait until the water reaches the boiling point to cook tangyuan or dumplings if you want to cook something delicious and not rotten.
  9. If you want a good taste, when you cook noodles or rice noodles, you should wait for the water to boil, then serve them or rice noodles, and then eat them while they are hot. You will feel very refreshing.
  10. Do not directly wash the jeans you just bought with clean water. Fill a basin of 15-20 ℃ water, add a few drops of white vinegar, soak the clothes with the reverse side in water for 5 minutes, and finally dry them in the air. After washing again, they will not fade.
  11. The chewing gum is accidentally stuck on the clothes. Put it on the ice in the refrigerator for a few minutes to quickly separate the chewing gum from the clothes.
  12. Sometimes there is a thick layer of scale in a kettle that has been used for a long time. At this time, you can add some baking soda to it to remove the scale easily.
  13. A taboo on shopping. When shopping, you should not dislike the seller's products, especially when you are not sure whether to buy them.
  14. Don't delay what you can do, and solve it immediately, otherwise you will regret it and worry about it.
  15. When purchasing contact lenses, the degree of contact lenses should be about 50 degrees lower than the actual degree of the eyes.
  16. If you find an ant nest that can't be destroyed, buy a bag of ant medicine, find the nest of ants, pour the medicine on the edge of the nest, and they will "hurt each other" and die after eating it.
  17. When selecting fruit, I don't know how to select it. You can see whether the grain on the fruit is clear and regular, whether its stature is even, and whether its peel is smooth, attractive and delicate.
  18. Don't put smelly socks in the washing machine or dehydrator with clothes, especially underwear and underpants, to avoid bacterial infection.
  19. The down jacket should not be washed in the washing machine or dehydrated in the dehydrator to avoid potential safety hazards.
  20. In summer, when you turn on the air conditioner, put a basin of water in the room to humidify the air.
  21. When the air conditioner is turned on in summer, the temperature should be controlled at 26 ℃ and adjusted to the "energy saving mode", which is healthy and energy saving.
  22. Don't tear or tear the skin of your hand after you accidentally stick it to 502 glue:

Method 1: Rinse it with cold water immediately, solidify it, and then slowly remove it;

Method 2: soak it in hot water, soften it, and then slowly remove it;

Third, if there is repair cream around you, you can apply repair cream.

  1. If the bananas you bought are too green and you want them to ripen quickly, you can try to put them in a barrel, burn some incense and cover the barrel.
  2. Have skills in life, have fun in life, be efficient in doing things, and have no anxiety.

24 life tips, easy to learn and practical.