Classification of hardware products
12.25.2022 | goodgadgetdeals | Blogs
  1. Classification of hand tools according to the use of hand tools can be divided into wrench class, pliers class, screwdriver class, tape measure class, hammer class, sleeve class, cutting class, scissors class, set class, and auxiliary class such as tool car, etc., each category has different models.


  1. Power tools: drill;Shovel and chisel;Screw head and sleeve;A hole opener;Curved saw blade;Circular saw blade;Saber saw blade;Grinding machine slice;Grinding machine for grinding;Diamond cutting sheet;Woodworking tools;


  1. Hardware and electrical products: hand tools, electric tools, cutting tools, measuring tools and abrasives, fasteners and seals, material handling, storage, packaging, and workshop office supplies, electrical products, testing instruments, motors, bearings and belts, lighting;


  1. Insulation tools: measuring pen, insulation wrench, insulation stripper, insulation long-nosed pliers, insulation cable cutter, insulation long-nosed pliers, insulation cable scissors, insulation top cutting pliers, insulation wire pliers, insulation wire pliers, insulation needle-nosed pliers, insulation screw lot, insulation water pump pliers.


     5. Cutting tools measuring tools and grinding tools: twist drill;Center drill;Silk hammer;Die;End milling cutter;Slot milling cutter.


     6. Electronic tools: anti-static screw batch, anti-static other products, anti-static pliers, solder wire, set of electronic pliers?.


  1. Plumber's tools: pipe pliers, pipe bench pliers, chain pipe pliers, manual pipe flaring tool, manual pipe bending tool, plastic hard pipe cutter, wire sleeve tool, pipe set tool, wire sleeve machine?Metal pipe cutter, hydraulic pipe bender.

Classification of hardware products