Energy saving tips for the fridge
12.29.2022 | goodgadgetdeals | Blogs

I believe that the small partner who has paid attention to the refrigerator at home will find that there is an adjustment of the gear inside the refrigerator cold room. I am not a person who likes to read instructions, so I can't figure out how the gear in the refrigerator at home works, and it is completely based on their own feelings to adjust the gear.It turned out that this didn't get the best out of the gear function at all.


Today I am going to give you some information about the functions of refrigerator stalls and how to use them.

  1. Take the '0-7' number set by the gear knob in the refrigerator as an example. These numbers do not represent the temperature in the refrigerator, but actually refer to the control range of the temperature in the refrigerator.

The smaller the number of the temperature controller, the higher the control temperature.Under standard temperature conditions, the control temperature of the first gear is about 9℃, and the control temperature of the seventh gear is about 1℃.Therefore, according to the outdoor temperature changes, changing the gear control can effectively reduce power consumption.Users who want to save electricity and don't have much in the fridge can switch to gear 1.

  1. under normal circumstances, the temperature controller is adjusted according to the temperature change
  2. I. The temperature control can be adjusted at 2-3 levels in spring and autumn;When the room temperature is below 10℃, the thermostat should be set to "6" position.Some refrigerators have zero stops, indicating that the refrigeration can be turned off.It can also be operated according to the instructions of the refrigerator.
  3. summer outdoor temperature is high, can be adjusted in 3-4 gears, the temperature is generally about 4℃-6℃;This not only ensures the shutdown rate of the refrigerator, but also ensures the refrigeration effect of the refrigerator.On the contrary, it will cause the refrigerator to boot for a long time or not stop the phenomenon;

III. winter because of low ambient temperature, fast heat dissipation, temperature control can be adjusted in 5-7, the temperature is generally about 2℃-4℃;The refrigerator without automatic winter temperature switch function needs to use strong gear or open the low temperature compensation switch to ensure the opening rate and freezing effect of the refrigerator when the ambient temperature is below 16℃.Otherwise, the refrigerator will not be turned on or frozen.

This is just the use of gear control in mechanical temperature controlled refrigerators, and now there are computer temperature controlled refrigerators.This kind of refrigerator is mainly a refrigerator whose temperature is controlled by a computer program.The biggest feature of computer temperature control refrigerator is accurate temperature control, without manual temperature compensation switch, that is, without manual temperature control.


Energy saving tips for the fridge