Hamster's favorite toys, recommendation and introduction of how to play
01.05.2023 | goodgadgetdeals | Blogs

How to correctly choose pet toys?Hamster's favorite toys, recommendation and introduction of how to play

Hamster toys

  1. Running wheels

A necessity!A necessity!A necessity!Important things to say 3 times, no matter you are picking big, small, silent not silent, running wheel is a must, mice especially love sports, need to run wheel to consume its physical strength, otherwise long-term no running wheel mice will be depressed.

Selection points: do not choose wire material, running place do not have a grid, easy to card feet, resulting in rat injury.Choose a quiet running wheel with good quality and high evaluation, and its size should be suitable for the rat's stature, not too large or too small.Many cages come with small running wheels.It is recommended to buy again later.

Recommended rating: ★★★★★


  1. Run the ball

This thing I suggest you also into a, because when you want to wash the cage, you will feel how practical, you can first put the rat inside, let it play, at this time, you can wash the cage ~

Selection points: select transparent, the best with bracket, switch to design reasonable, not easy to fall off.The air circulation is also good. Pay attention to the time of placing mice in summer should not be too long. Because the current running ball is still more severe, it is easy to cause heat stroke of mice.

Recommended rating: ★★★★


  1. Flying saucer running stage

In fact, it is a derivative of the running wheel, but the comparison of chicken ribs, although the following can be a nest to save space, but the winter is slightly cold, and once the running platform mice run fast, easy to be thrown out of the inertia of the injury, do not recommend you into.Rich wayward can buy back concave modeling photos.

Recommended Index: ★★


  1. Swing

It can be said that this is no swing function, because the rat does not know how to swing it. It mainly plays the role of concave modeling, basically can be said to be a decoration

Recommended Index: ★★


  1. Climbing toys

This is still acceptable, rats can be said to be expert climbers, adding some of these toys to the cage is also a good oh, rats will be happy.Recommend their own decoration cage can purchase some, but pay attention to the size, the cage must be big enough, otherwise there will be no place oh ~

Recommended rating: ★★★★


  1. Molar stone/molar stick

In fact, when rats eat, they will grind their teeth constantly. Of course, biting the cage is also grinding their teeth, so the molar stone/molar stick is not a special necessity, but it still needs to be prepared. There are Apple branches and stones on the market, and natural Apple branches are recommended, which are healthier for rats.

Recommended rating: ★★★


  1. Traction rope

All I can say about this thing is that it's totally useless!Mice and cats, are soft bones of evil ah ~ how to tie the rope, and also to walk in the street?Rats don't like the feeling of being tied down. It's not recommended at all, and the price is so high.


Hamster's favorite toys, recommendation and introduction of how to play