Household items for improving happiness
12.26.2022 | goodgadgetdeals | Blogs

Can you believe it? The happiness of family life is closely related to the utility and quantity of electrical appliances.It's a humid rainy season, so a dryer and an electric towel rack can make life much easier. With a newborn baby and endless laundry, a wall-mounted washing machine can help free your hands.

Forget to take the key out of the door is locked, fingerprint combination lock let you out very natural and unrestrained.There are also dishwashers and garbage disposers to keep your hands tender from greasy kitchen. There are so many great appliances like these that many people have started to secretly enjoy them.


Step 1: Dishwasher

Between you and me this machine will reduce the divorce rate!Nine out of ten families fight over dishwashing. Plus, the wife doesn't touch greasy POTS and pans, her hands don't get hurt by dishwashing liquid, and she's slick.Now the dishwasher special save water, wash clean directly disinfection, convenient and save trouble, there are embedded, desktop and sink type on the market, we choose according to demand.

  1. Water purifier

Many people's teeth yellow, even long stone is because the water quality is not good at home, tap water from the factory to the home is such a long way, it will inevitably be polluted by the pipeline, sand and rust, heavy metals, bacteria and other harmful substances, install a pre-filter can effectively remove these impurities, it is recommended to buy RO reverse osmosis filtration, filtered water can be drunk directly.

  1. Robot sweeper

A few years ago the sweeping robot is really silly and incompetent, but now the products on the market, really good, lazy Gospel, remote control, a key to clean the bed and sofa under these difficult to clean places, no longer worry about people.

  1. Dryer

With it can liberate the balcony, no longer "clothes fluttering";'It closes off the balcony and expands the living room.Now the dryer has sterilization function, don't say that the sun can sterilization such words, which is the best heat pump type, condensation type, exhaust type worst.

  1. Little Kitchen treasure

Have you ever felt the torture of cold washing vegetables?Small kitchen treasure can make the kitchen hot water in seconds, especially friends in the north must have it, happiness soared.Water storage type is more energy saving, but the use of time to preheat in advance, limited water storage.The hot type is ready to use, but the power is large, the installation position must have a floor drain, but also close to the power supply and the water tank.

  1. Garbage disposal

Do you feel nauseous picking through garbage in the sink?Do you feel dirty throwing away wet kitchen waste?These problems can be solved by the garbage disposal. Most of the food waste goes straight down the sink and disappears without a trace.But pay attention to the purchase, must choose high power, high grinding ability of the effect will be better.

  1. Smart toilets

Friends who have used a smart toilet will blame themselves for not installing a smart toilet earlier and enjoying it earlier.Washing instead of toilet paper is more sanitary, heating seat ring is no longer cold in winter, in addition to self-cleaning, deodorization function, really can let you have a special feeling.Have not been decorated can choose the integrated intelligent toilet, the home has a toilet on the smart toilet cover, can meet everyone's needs, according to the actual situation can buy.

  1. Thermostat shower

When taking a bath in winter, if other places at the same time use the water temperature of the shower will be hot and cold, when the water is large and small, constant temperature shower can solve these problems, can ensure your winter bathing experience.But the constant temperature shower has certain use conditions, he is not suitable for solar energy and immediate heat type water heater, suitable for water storage type and gas water heater.

  1. Backwater device

The backwater device can realize the whole house hot water is ready to use without waiting, no longer need to worry about too far away from the heater, hot water will not come to the problem.The purchase is also very simple, a return water pipe and the core of the return water pump, the return water pump is mainly to monitor the water temperature and control the water heater to boil water, there are two kinds of integrated and independent, it is necessary to note that, to install the return water pipe in advance, otherwise can not use the temperature control function and timing function of the return water pump, can not realize the automatic cycle.

  1. Pull the faucet

Friends who have done hygiene at home know that the traditional faucet position is fixed, many dead corners of the sink basin can not be cleaned, install a pull type faucet, to clean, directly out, how big the sink basin can be clean, cost-effective is very high.

  1. New fan

If there are old people, children or pregnant women, the new fan is very worth buying.At the same time of air supply, air filtration can reduce PM2.5, formaldehyde, dust, bacteria and other pollutants. Generally, 50-80 square meters of the house chooses 150 air volume, 80-120 square meters of the house, chooses 250 air volume.

  1. Cabinet hardware

Have you noticed that 99% of broken cabinets are due to hardware accessories? We all know in our industry that the life of cabinets is determined by hardware accessories. If you don't want the cabinets at home to make a squeaky sound, and don't want the cabinet door to suddenly fall down one day, it is better to spend more money on hardware accessories.


Household items for improving happiness