How to buy nail clippers? Some details about the nail clipper set
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How to buy nail clippers? Some details about the nail clipper set


I. Left half: (from left to right)

1. Medium nail clippers -- Cut nails.

2. pedicure forceps -- repair toenails into the flesh medium special cases.

3. elbow multi-purpose scissors - used to cut nose hair, in fact, what can be cut.

4. Large nail clippers -- Cut nails.


How to buy nail clippers? Some details about the nail clipper set


II. Right half: (from left to right)

Top half horizontal: Diagonal nail clipper - Fix the edge of the nail.

1. Fingertip knife -- remove dirt inside nails.

2. nail file - repair nail edge smooth.

3. Eyebrow clamp -- Pluck your eyebrows.

4. Paring knife -- To remove dead skin.

5. acne needle - pick acne.

6. Dead skin fork - Remove dead skin.

7. Scoop your ear -- Scoop your earwax.


Extended information:

Inventor: Vosfouke Shikil

Invented in the 1930s. As a collection of small tools such as eyebrow clip, scissors, nail clippers, nail file, foot file, beauty pliers, finger splitter, glass file, great convenience for People's Daily life needs. By the 1950s, nail suits were becoming popular among the upper classes in Europe.With the development of society and the progress of hardware industry, nail set products are popular all over the world.

Hardware industry in the rapid development of the domestic, its product quality has reached the international advanced level.With the continuous rise of domestic market share, breaking the domestic hardware market has been monopolized by foreign for a long time.