How to choose a bath heater? I summarized 5 points of pit avoidance experience for everyone, all dry
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How to choose a bath heater? I summarized 5 points of pit avoidance experience for everyone, all dry goods, it is recommended to collect!


Now the toilet adopts the method of compartment, and the toilet and bath heater are perfectly combined in 1, and there are many types of bath heaters, and choosing a good bath heater will bring great convenience to the future subsistence. bath heaters are small household appliances that combine various functions such as bathroom heating, infrared therapy, bathroom ventilation, daily lighting, and decoration into one body through a wonderful combination of special waterproof infrared lamps and ventilation fans. Such home appliances are indispensable in the decoration of buildings in various cities. So, how much do we know about the purchase of bath heaters?

How to choose a bath heater? 6 tricks made easy

How to buy bath heaters

How to choose a bath heater: First, pay attention to the cost performance

Generally, the normal price of a four-lamp bath heater should be more than 70 US dollars, and it will rise according to the number of functions and changes, and if it is lower than this price, it is necessary to consider its quality.

bath heater purchase method: Second, choose a safe and high-quality heating lamp bath heater

Heating bulbs are infrared quartz radiation lamps, which take light and warm radiation heating scale, rapid heating and good effect, no need to preheat, and can heat up instantly. When purchasing, we must pay attention to whether its heating lamp is safe enough, and it must be strictly waterproof and explosion-proof; The lamp head should be double-ribbed to prevent peeling. The heating bubble of the bath heater also adopts a new type of internal negative pressure technology, even if the bulb is broken, it will only shrink into 1 ball, which will not endanger the personal safety of the home improvement owner.

bath heater purchase method: Third, the use of materials and appearance of the process inspection

When purchasing bath heaters, you should also pay attention to checking the level of appearance technology, request stainless steel, baking paint parts, plastic parts, glass holes, electroplated parts plating, etc., the surface is uniform and bright, no peeling, no dents or serious scratches, extrusion marks, beautiful appearance. When choosing, pay attention to identifying counterfeit and shoddy products, which often take the form of counterfeit trademarks and packaging, or pass off the assembled brand as original goods, but such goods1 are generally rough in appearance and craftsmanship.

bath heater purchase method: Fourth, according to the use area and high and low power selection

When buying a bath heater, it depends on its use area and the height of the bathroom. At present, there are mainly two, 3 and 4 heating bulbs on the market, and their shared area is different. 1 generally choose the bathroom at a height of 2.6 meters, the two-bulb bath heater is suitable for the four-square-meter bathroom, which is mainly for the old-fashioned building with a small toilet; The 4-lamp bath heater is suitable for a bathroom with a six-square-meter arrangement, which is mainly for families in today's new residential buildings.

How to choose a bath heater: Fifth, choose a decorated raised bath heater

The bath heater is mounted on top of the bathroom and does not take up space. The latest bath heaters have a more modern scent in terms of reduced thickness, streamlined shape and color diversification, have a good decoration effect, and the heating bubble adopts a low color temperature design, soft light, and does not irritate the eyes. This type of bath heater has a variety of fashionable shapes such as butterfly, star, wave, rainbow, palace, etc., which are full of natural beauty and can add a little harmonious smell to your bathroom.

bath heater purchase method: 6. Choose an intelligent automatic anion bath heater

Select heating, lighting, ventilation, wind, wind guide and purified air as 1 body, adopt built-in electric overheating maintainer, when the temperature rises to the must, you can automatically shut down; The ionizer technology enables it to continuously clean negative ions, prevent the growth of bacteria in the air, and make the bathroom air clearer.

The above is a coherent introduction to the purchase of bath heaters, the bathroom is very wet, therefore, the power wiring for installing bath heaters must be a waterproof wire. bath heaters should be safe to use in this humid environment, so everyone should polish their eyes when buying bath heaters.


How to choose a bath heater? I summarized 5 points of pit avoidance experience for everyone, all dry goods, it is recommended to collect!