How to Choose a Flashlight?
12.27.2022 | goodgadgetdeals | Blogs

Introduction: With the vigorous development of the power industry, outdoor flashlights play a very important role in our outdoor sports with their high-precision brightness, long endurance and solid materials. However, this does not mean that all flashlights and other outdoor light sources have these advantages. How to buy outdoor flashlights? Without basic knowledge, it is difficult to distinguish between good and bad.


How to Choose a Flashlight 1

How to choose a flashlight:

  1. See what occasions you want to use, such as night riding, night fishing, outdoor camping, cave exploration, patrol, etc.
  2. Look at the aperture. A good LED flashlight aperture is a uniform circle, and a poor LED flashlight spot is divided into yellow and blue colors with uneven distribution. Look at the brightness, a good LED flashlight has high brightness and slow attenuation speed.
  3. Look at the battery. There are two types of ordinary batteries and lithium batteries. Although lithium batteries are rechargeable batteries, their life span is low, about 2 years, and the life span of LED is about 10 years. You can choose according to the actual situation. Look at the light bulb. When the light bulb goes out, it is difficult for the naked eye to distinguish between good and bad. You can look at the light bulb when it is lit. Consistency.
  4. Look at waterproof. A good LED flashlight has waterproof function and good seismic performance, that is, it is resistant to falling and looks at the appearance. Everyone can see this more than I can. I will not say much. I chose an aluminum alloy shell, which is beautiful and generous.
  5. Basic requirements for household flashlights: practical, cost-effective, comfortable operation, moderate brightness, convenient battery replacement, and easy maintenance; I personally suggest that if it is used at home, it is more appropriate to choose domestic flashlights. The key is to choose relatively good quality products, A big brand with certain professional experience and perfect after-sales service.
  6. Basic requirements for outdoor flashlights: high brightness, long range, long endurance, good waterproof effect and stable performance. Personally, I suggest to use 3 watts and more than 3 watts of strong light LED torches. When purchasing an LED flashlight, it should be noted that the LED flashlight lamp cap has two light gathering methods, 1 is the light gathering cup and 1 is the convex lens. The light gathering effect of the light gathering cup is better, the light loss is small, and the weight is light. It can seal the part of the lamp cap very tightly and improve the waterproof effect. The disadvantage is that the light spot is not adjustable, so that the nearby illuminated area is very small when in use, the biggest advantage of convex lens condensing is that the spot size is steplessly adjustable, but it is difficult to achieve good waterproof, so most outdoor sports enthusiasts will choose 1 of the two according to the environment.
  7. Basic requirements for carrying flashlight with you: small size, light weight, moderate brightness, good quality and comfortable operation. If it is for your little sister, it is best to have fashionable appearance, bright color and simple operation. Generally, small straight LED flashlight or ultra-thin flashlight is selected.
  8. Basic requirements for working flashlights: According to different types of work, the requirements for different working environments are different. Pipeline workers are suitable for purchasing headlights. Such flashlights are recommended to explain to the seller when purchasing.


How to Choose a Flashlight Part 2

Choose according to the occasion of use


The environment encountered during the adventure is very complicated, including low temperature and high temperature, sometimes humid and sometimes dry, so when buying a flashlight, you should buy a special flashlight for adventure.

This kind of flashlight generally has waterproof function, and can be used in low temperature and high temperature environment, so as to provide better lighting effect for adventurers.


Now more and more people are addicted to diving, so when choosing a flashlight, one should choose a flashlight with a particularly good waterproof function and a bracelet to prevent the hand from taking off.

Moreover, the switch of this flashlight is very convenient, because it is inconvenient to move underwater. If the switch is small or difficult to pull, it will affect the use experience.

According to flashlight and quality selection

The quality of flashlights is directly proportional to the price. Flashlights on the market range from tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars.

If you prefer to take part in some outdoor sports, then I suggest you choose a better quality flashlight.

But if you buy a flashlight just for a rainy day, then you can choose a normal flashlight. There is no need to spend a lot of money to buy something that is not used frequently.

How to Choose a Flashlight?