How to choose a good desk lamp?
01.02.2023 | goodgadgetdeals | Blogs

Recently, when listening to parents who brought their children to the hospital to talk about their children's myopia, they learned that because parents do not know how to choose and correctly use eye protection lamps, accelerate the process of myopia in their children's eyes.

To this end, ophthalmologists pointed out that how to healthily "manage" good eyes and prevent myopia is an important work in the management of eye health of adolescents in hospitals, and the prevention and control of children's myopia in addition to developing good eye habits (20:20:20 rule), choosing a healthy and qualified eye protection lamp is also very important!

How to choose an eye-protecting desk lamp?

Now, primary and secondary school students have a heavy homework burden, every parent does not want their children to be myopic, will do everything to protect their children's eyesight, choose a qualified and reliable good desk lamp, improve the child's eye environment, is indeed a good way. Because the right desk lamp can indeed relieve eye fatigue and prevent myopia.

So, often make people pick and choose, which indicators are the most important? Specifically, the selection of desk lamps should do: one to look at the brightness, the second to look at the color temperature, the third to look at the color rendering index, and the fourth to see whether there is strobe and anti-blue light.

One depends on the brightness. Sufficient brightness and uniform light distribution, usually evaluated in lux lux. In layman's terms, it is whether the light is bright or dark. The table lamp is not the brighter the better, but the illumination is appropriate.

A good desk lamp is based on ensuring the brightness of the bright place, try to make the shadow soft, the brightness contrast is not so distinct, and to do this, it is necessary to increase the luminous area, that is, the light distribution is uniform, the wide lighting range can expand the light more, and guide the light to irradiate more evenly, but also to ensure the softness of the light.

For example, you can look at many high-end table lamps of big brands, the luminous part is the whole board, or a ring, which can reduce the shadow area and the shadow becomes lighter, and the eyes look less tired.

According to the regulations, in the central area and edge area of reading and writing operations, the illuminance of the lamp should not be less than 500lux, and the more comfortable range is 500-750lux.

The illuminance requirement for grade A is that the illuminance in the central area is at least 300 lux and the edges reach 150 lux.

The illuminance requirement of class AA is that the illumination in the central area is at least 500 lux and the edge reaches 250 lux.

It can be seen that in order to better protect the eyes, it is recommended to choose AA-level desk lamp illumination.