How to choose a mouse pad that fits you?
12.31.2022 | goodgadgetdeals | Blogs

How to choose a mouse pad that fits you?


Speaking of the mouse companion mouse pad, everyone will not be unfamiliar. It is more eye-catching for many people to choose mouse pads in a variety of markets. For gamers, the mouse pad is even of similar importance to the mouse itself. Choosing a good mouse pad can not only feel the comfort brought by the mouse pad in the process of using the mouse, but also make the mouse more accurate positioning.

With the integration of high technology in keyboard and mouse products, more and more mice have developed in the direction of photoelectric, while the traditional mechanical mice are almost extinct. In order to operate the mouse more smoothly, more and more mouse pads have emerged. If your mouse is photoelectric, optically speaking, it is best to use dark blue, black and red mouse pads. At present, there are few red mouse pads on the market, usually black or blue, with more colors. When using a photoelectric mouse, you should try to avoid buying mouse pads with light colors, such as white and light yellow. The materials of mouse pads in the market are mainly mixed materials of cloth, glass, metal and plastic. The choice varies from person to person.


The following methods can help us choose the mouse pad that suits us

When we buy or order a mouse pad, we should look at its material. Most mouse pads use rubber or cloth as raw materials. The surface texture of the mouse pad made of this material has a large friction force, which is convenient for the movement and positioning of the mechanical mouse. However, most of the market is now a new type of photoelectric mouse. If you want to cooperate with this kind of mouse, it is also good to use glass or aluminum and other materials for mouse pads. Attention should be paid to selecting mouse pads with flat surface and not easy deformation.


Secondly, we should pay attention to the appearance of the mouse pad. Ergonomics should also be considered when purchasing mouse pads. Some products just add a hand rest, which may reduce wrist fatigue during use, but this is not a real ergonomic product. The purchase of mouse pads mainly focuses on its positioning function, and do not spend more money on optional functions. The mechanical mouse mainly relies on the movement of the scroll wheel inside the mouse. The texture design of some mouse pads is incorrect. It will be difficult for the mouse to move on it. Do not choose products with too thick texture. It is also a noteworthy problem for optical mouse users.


Mouse pad pricing with extremely different prices

Finally, it depends on the price of the mouse pad. The quality of mouse pads on the market is uneven, and the prices are also very different, so we have to locate the price of the mouse pad we need according to the price of our mouse.



To put it bluntly, the choice of mouse pad still needs to be purchased on demand. Mouse pads of different materials also have their own advantages and disadvantages. Later maintenance also determines how long your mouse pad can be used.


How to choose a mouse pad that fits you?