How to choose a suitable car phone holder?
12.31.2022 | goodgadgetdeals | Blogs

How to choose a suitable car phone holder?


First, something that we need to pay attention to.

Point 1: windshield suction cup type


First of all, you need to choose an area of the windshield to install, which means that no matter what, it will block part of your view;


Secondly, in the hot summer, the sun is basking on your mobile phone, you are not distressed, the mobile phone hurts;


Third, in the summer, when you return to the car, the first thing you have to do is not to feel the temperature in the car, but to see if your phone suction cup has dropped.


Point 2: magnetic mobile phone holder


First of all, the magnetic mobile phone holder generally needs to glue a metal piece on the back of your mobile phone to ensure that the magnetism with the mobile phone holder will greatly reduce the aesthetics;


Secondly, the magnetic mobile phone holder generally cannot adjust the direction, and even if it can, the adjustment angle is relatively limited;


Third, if it vibrates, it is normal for the phone to slide.


Point 3: special mobile phone holder


For example, some brackets customized for a certain mobile phone or a certain brand of mobile phone, the latter for a certain model, a brand of model customized bracket, may be very cool for a period of time, but after a period of time, you will find that it is so inconvenient and inflexible.


Point 4: Adhesive mobile phone holder


It refers to sticking to the dashboard through sticky double-sided tape, which is a big pit, either easy to fall, or too hard to stick, tearing the skin of the dashboard.


Second, key parameters

Here are a few key parameters and purchase points for the purchase of car mobile phone holders.


  1. Installation method


Generally, there are suction cup type, magnetic type, adhesive type, air outlet type, CD port type, etc., of course, there are rare rearview mirror mounted type, steering wheel mounted type, etc., the specific choice still needs to be selected according to the layout of the central control dashboard of your car, but also according to your own usage habits. Here, I do not recommend the suction cup, magnetic type, adhesive mobile phone holder, the former suction cup is easy to fall, the middle mobile phone is easy to fall, the latter car skin is easy to fall. The air outlet type and CD outlet type are generally relatively reliable, and it should be noted that if you want to buy the air outlet type, then you have to ensure that your car outlet is not round, if you want to buy the CD port type, then you need to ensure that your car has a CD port.


  1. Function points


At present, in addition to the bracket function, the mobile phone holder will also have the wireless charging function of the mobile phone. In comparison, the price of mobile phone holders with charging functions will be higher, and at the same time, due to the need to charge, it needs to be wired, whether it is a direct access point smoker or a dark line, which is a trade-off.


  1. Holding mode


The holding method is generally divided into snap type and magnetic type, my side only recommends the snap type, stable, the only possible defect is if there is a mismatch or loose, the mobile phone is put up, the car in the process of driving vibration, there may be some noise. But even so, the snap-on type is much more stable than the magnetic type.


  1. Field of view


Although in the end, it should be the most important, including whether the mobile phone holder will block the driving view and the view of the mobile phone, both are indispensable. The mobile phone holder installed on the windshield or instrument panel will be more or less obstructed by the view.


How to choose a suitable car phone holder?