How to choose an electronic alarm clock? Electronic clock purchase guide
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Although the time can be confirmed by mobile phone or watch now, it still can't replace the importance of clock in life. Among them, the display mode of electronic clock is the clearest and simplest. Even if it is placed a little far away, there will be no situation where the pointer scale is too small to be recognized immediately. However, there are a variety of related products on the market, which not only have different sizes and design sense, but also have different additional functions. It can be said that it is a knowledge to choose.

In view of this, this article will explain the key points that can't be ignored when buying electronic clocks, and at the same time answer some common questions for you.

How to choose an electronic alarm clock? Electronic clock purchase guide

  1. The charm of electronic clock

At present, the common clock driving methods can be roughly divided into Shi Ying, mechanical and electronic, etc. Among them, electronic clock, as its name implies, displays time by digital circuit, which not only looks very simple and intuitive, but also has the advantages of longer service life and less time error than the former two.

In addition, without complicated internal mechanical devices, this electronic clock can be widely used in various places, and can be seen in public places such as stations and banks. By the way, besides simply watching time, electronic clocks usually have many additional functions such as temperature and humidity display, which is undoubtedly a convenient helper in modern life.

  1. Key points of electronic clock purchase

There are many advantages of electronic clocks, but it's hard to avoid confusion when faced with various options. Therefore, first of all, we should explain four important points that can't be ignored when selecting clocks.

2.1 Choose a clearly identifiable style.

The purpose of using the clock is to confirm the time at any time, so whether it can be clear at a glance is definitely the first condition when purchasing. Especially when numbers are presented electronically, font problems may affect the viewing results, such as "1, 7" and "3, 5", which are easily confused; However, some electronic clocks design the panel at a slightly inclined angle to avoid the difficulty of recognition caused by reflection.

On the other hand, many electronic clocks are equipped with various functions at the same time. However, when the date, humidity, temperature, alarm and other values are displayed on the panel together, it is easy to appear complicated due to too much displayed information. Therefore, when selecting, don't forget to confirm whether the time number is large enough, whether the configuration and proportion of other information such as humidity are appropriate, and whether there is automatic backlight function at night.

2.2 Different power supply modes have their own advantages and disadvantages

The power supply mode of electronic clocks is similar to that of general clocks, among which solar-powered products have fewer choices and relatively high prices, but they can come in handy in emergencies such as long-term power outages; Plug-in type can be divided into AC direct current and USB power supply. Most of these products have more complete functions, but the installation place will inevitably be limited by the length of socket and wire.

As for battery-type products, they can be freely placed at will, and the price and power consumption are also low, but they need to be replaced regularly, which is a little troublesome. However, no matter which type is selected, it is recommended to confirm whether the goods are equipped with backup power such as backup batteries, so that when the power is temporarily cut off or the main power is exhausted, power can be temporarily provided to operate some functions, and it will be more reassuring to use.

2.3 Select additional functions according to requirements.

With the progress of science and technology, the subsidiary functions of electronic clocks are becoming more and more diversified. Here are a few practical functions for reference. You can choose them according to your own needs and budget.

Snooze function: It will ring several times after a fixed interval to avoid turning off and sleeping again.

Time-telling by voice on the whole hour: It helps to remind the time, and people with poor eyesight can easily grasp the time.

Memory function: the original settings can be maintained after battery replacement or reboot.

Projection function: it can project time on the ceiling, and it can be quickly viewed at a little distance.

Other high-end functions: such as Bluetooth speaker, miniature pinhole camera, etc.

2.4 Start with the design appearance you like.

Electronic clocks have a sense of modern science and technology because of their display mode and square appearance. In addition, many manufacturers have made great efforts in the design, not only have lovely styles such as colorful colors and animal shapes, but also products that enhance their aesthetic feeling by wood grain or mirror processing. In addition, some electronic clocks even jump off the limit of the square body, leaving only the digital frame, which can create a unique atmosphere for the space after lighting up at night. As long as you make good choices, you can make it the key corner of your home.

  1. Frequently Asked Questions about Choosing Electronic Clock

After reading the above shopping points, maybe you still have some questions about electronic clocks, so here are some common questions, which will be answered one by one.

3.1 What are the restrictions on the placement of electronic clocks?

Although the electronic clock is an electronic product, its radiant energy is lower than that of the mobile phone, so it will not do harm to the human body even if it is placed around. On the other hand, it's best to avoid placing electronic clocks near electrical appliances that will generate electromagnetic waves, and it's also not suitable to be placed in damp, direct sunlight, fire sources and other places.

3.2 What if the electronic clock is not allowed?

Power drop and other reasons may cause errors in the time of electronic clock. Besides, unlike pointer clock, it can adjust the speed and correct the time by itself. In addition to seeking assistance from manufacturers, people who are particularly concerned about accuracy may wish to choose electric wave clock, so as to achieve accurate results by receiving the radio waves from the signal transmitting station.

3.3 Is it necessary to buy goods from famous brands?

Considering the quality, accuracy and durability, of course, it is more reassuring to buy big brands such as SEIKO and CASIO. However, there are many electronic clocks with affordable prices and good functional performance on the market, which is a good choice when there is a budget consideration. Before purchasing, don't forget to confirm whether warranty service is provided, and refer to the word-of-mouth evaluation of netizens.

  1. Summary

After reading the detailed explanation of this article, I wonder if everyone has a deeper understanding of electronic clocks? After taking into account the basic functions of the clock, it is recommended that you pay more attention to the design and additional functions of the product, so that it can play a multi-purpose role of making up the home and just like a helper in life, and it is full of convenience in daily or work.

How to choose an electronic alarm clock? Electronic clock purchase guide