How to Choose Bath Ball?
01.03.2023 | goodgadgetdeals | Blogs

The colors of bath balls are generally diversified, with many bright colors. General bath balls have lanyards. About 42CM, ball diameter 12CM, weight 40G. Bath balls should be bought with fine texture and strong comfort. Also choose the ones with dense meshes and abundant blisters. This kind of bath ball is added with a proper amount of bath cream when bathing, and it can be massaged and exfoliated naturally when gently rubbed.


During sauna or shower, the shower gel is put into the shower ball to gently wipe the skin, resulting in a large amount of foam. The shower gel is kept between the sponge ball and the skin to massage, which helps to promote blood circulation and achieve the effects of removing fatigue, completely removing skin dirt and refreshing skin.

Precautions for using bath balls:

  1. Avoid letting bubbles enter the eyes when using bath balls. If they enter the eyes carelessly, rinse them with clear water immediately.
  2. After taking a bath, be sure to rinse the foam on the bath ball, and finally spin it dry hard to make it completely dehydrated, and place it in a dry place to avoid moisture and bacteria.
  3. The bath ball should be soaked in boiling water every other week, at least once every three months.

How to Choose Bath Ball?