How to choose pet toys correctly? Introduction of dog's favorite toys and how to play them
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How to choose pet toys correctly? Introduction of dog's favorite toys and how to play them


Dog toys:


  1. Ball training toys


Ball toys are highly athletic and fully conform to the characteristics of dogs chasing moving objects. Touching the ball toys at will during the dog's play can make the toys roll and stimulate the dog's interest. In training, the shape of ball toys also determines the throwing distance.

Can train dog skills: besides being a toy for dogs to prevent dogs from nibbling, it can also train dogs' skills such as speed, biting, touring, chasing passwords, sitting passwords, waiting for passwords, spitting passwords, etc. In addition, the cotton rope ball toy has the function of cleaning the dog's teeth.

According to the choice of materials, the ball toys are divided into plush ball toys, latex ball toys, cotton rope ball toys, rubber ball toys, etc.


  1. Frisbee training toys

Frisbee toy is a tool used by many friends when doing agility training for dogs. According to the different texture and shape, the effect of Frisbee in use is also different. Generally speaking, Frisbee with cotton rope has the function of cleaning teeth. Different plastic textures will also have different effects on dogs' teeth. Frisbees with poor quality not only have unstable radians during flying, but also easily hurt dogs' teeth. Frisbees with canvas texture also determine the sliding and landing of Frisbees in weight. Frisbees with concave surfaces are easier to be picked up by dogs after landing.

Features: It has a very good effect on training the speed, agility and tour of dogs.

Frisbee classification: cotton rope, canvas, plastic, silicone, etc.


  1. Puppet training toys

Puppet training toys have the same function and effect as ball toys, only the difference of shape and texture. Generally speaking, puppet toys won't hurt puppies' teeth, and the characteristics of easy biting and biting can also increase puppies' excitement.

Features: Soft texture, easy to bite.

Classification of Muppet Training Toys: Muppet toys are not limited by shape, so there are many classifications, with various shapes, colors and models.


  1. Knot training toys

Besides being used as a common toy for dogs, the rope training toy can effectively exercise the dog's pulling force, is suitable for dogs to grind their teeth and clean their teeth well, and is a toy very suitable for interacting with dogs.

Features: Knot training toys are generally made of cotton rope, strong and bite-resistant, which is very helpful for training the dog's pulling force.


  1. Pull ring training toys

It has the same characteristics as the rope-tying training toys, that is, it can make dogs better interact with their owners. Unlike the rope-tying toys, the pull-ring part of the pull-ring toys is suitable for the dog's mouth shape, and it can better bite for games and training.

Features: The pull ring part is round, which is more conducive to the dog's bite.

Classification of pull-ring training toys: According to different textures and shapes, they are divided into cotton rope, rubber, 8-shaped rope, single ring and so on.


  1. Vocal training toys

Sound training toys are basically available to every dog, and short sounds can attract the dog's attention. Sound toys are built-in whistles on the basis of other training toys, which add the feature of sound. In games and training, they can concentrate the dog's attention in an instant.

Features: Besides being a common toy, it also has a sounding device, which can train dogs more effectively.

Classification of vocal training toys: according to different shapes and textures, they are divided into rubber, plastic, plush, various animal shapes, daily necessities and so on.


How to choose pet toys correctly? Introduction of dog's favorite toys and how to play them