How to play with the cat and how to play with the cat with the cat toys?
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How to play with cat toys?

I. Features of cat toys

  1. Toys must be movable, so that cats can use them as prey.
  2. The toy surface is covered with feathers or fur, which is closer to the prey that cats can kill in nature, and can attract more cats' attention.
  3. The smell that cats like. Cats are very sensitive to smell, so when choosing toys, owners can consider products that incorporate cats' favorite smell into toys, such as cat mint or alfalfa.

At present, there are many kinds of cat toys on the market, but there are few products that can integrate these three characteristics into toys, most of which only have one or two. So owners can try toys with different characteristics according to their cats' personality characteristics, such as leather mice (can move+the surface is covered with fur), stuffed toys (can move+the smell that cats like), etc.

In addition, it should be noted that the cat toys must be solid and can withstand the cat's scratch, bite, pat and pounce. Those toys that are easy to fall off are easy to be eaten by the cat and cause accidents.

  1. How to play with cat toys?

Although there are many kinds of cat toys, they can be divided into three types in terms of usage:

The first is interactive, that is, toys that require the owner to play with the cat, such as cat teaser stick and hand-held laser lamp are typical interactive cat toys.

The second type is the self-entertainment type. It is a toy that can be played by the cat itself without the help of others, such as a leather mouse, a cat table, an electric ball, etc. This toy is suitable for office workers or owners who don't have much time to play with cats.

The third type is the automatic operation type. This type of toy is a toy that can attract the cat's attention through its own movement. The electric cat teaser stick and trackball we usually see are this type of toy.

Each of the three types of toys has its own merits. Each owner can choose different toys according to his/her family situation and the cat's personality characteristics. The first type of interactive toys is suitable for families who are not very busy and have time to play with cats. The second and third types of toys are suitable for those working people or families without time to accompany cats.

III. How to play with cats with cat toys?

  1. Think of the cat stick as cat's prey

Cats are hunting animals. They are born with hunting instinct. So imitate the cat playing stick on the hand as the cat's prey to tease their hunting heart, such as imitating the actions of birds, mice and butterflies. When the cat is about to catch you, you can quickly escape or hide in the dark to increase the difficulty of playing for them. These are all ways to attract the cat to catch the cudgel.

  1. Often change different toys to amuse the cat

Even if you like toys very much, you will be tired of playing every day. In order to keep the cat fresh, it is better to change different toys from time to time.

  1. Use the items at hand to play with the cat

Toys don't matter whether they are expensive or cheap. Sometimes some of the waste items at hand can attract the attention of cats, such as paper bags, cartons, table tennis balls, water bottle caps, etc. However, be careful not to provide too small toys for Meow Star people to prevent them from swallowing them by mistake.

  1. The playing time should be fixed

It is better to have a fixed time to play with cats, such as when to play every day and how long to play each time. You can put the playtime in the morning and evening, about 15 minutes each time. Playing before bed can consume the cat's physical strength, which can effectively reduce the situation that the cat does not sleep in the middle of the night.

  1. At the end of the play, the cat must feel the joy of capture

Cats are hunting animals, but they can only be satisfied when they catch prey at the end of the play. If they can't catch them all the time, they can't satisfy their hunting desire.


How to play with the cat and how to play with the cat with the cat toys?