How to reduce refrigerator noise?
12.27.2022 | goodgadgetdeals | Blogs

If you often can't sleep because of refrigerator noise, there are some small ways to reduce refrigerator noise in the home appliance circle to share with you. Here, we need tools such as spring washers, rubber blocks and screwdrivers.


  1. The back side is at a certain inclination angle to the wall

  After making the back of the refrigerator and the wall at a certain inclination, and the back side and the wall at an inclination angle of l to 3 degrees, one side of the refrigerator has a large opening and a small opening on one side, showing a horn-shaped. The large side emits more noise and should face the object; the small side emits less noise and should face the people's activity area.

  2. The pipeline and box are firmly reinforced

  It is necessary to check whether the reinforcement part of the connection between the adjustment outer pipeline and the box is loose, so as to avoid resonance when the compressor is working. Therefore, the outer pipeline must be fixed, and the bolt should be added with a spring washer to prevent loosening.

  3. The compressor base should be firm

  If the noise is significantly reduced after pressing the compressor with the hand, and the noise of lifting the hand increases, generally the compressor base fixed vibration damping rubber pad is unevenly stressed or the bolts are loose, and the compressor floor is not firm, the connecting part of the bolt should be adjusted, tightened and replaced with a washer that loses elasticity.

  4. Use a rubber block to suppress the vibration of the tube

  If the refrigerator is noisy during use, the waste bicycle tire can be taken and cut into a circular shape with a diameter of 30 mm, a round hole with a diameter of about 5 mm is cut out in the middle, and then cut from the outside to the center in order to stick the rubber block to the tube. When the refrigerator compressor is running, touch the tube with your hand, and all the tubes that have a feeling of shaking can be covered with several of these rubber blocks, and a refrigerator needs to be set 10 to 20, and the noise will drop immediately. This is because the rubber block suppresses the "resonance" created by the vibration of the tube.

  5. Properly raise the four corners of the refrigerator

  Raise the refrigerator 3 to 6 cm and adjust the balance of the corners to increase the air convection space at the bottom of the box. In this way, compressor noise and other lower noise come out from the bottom of the box, reducing the noise coming out from both sides and the upper part of the refrigerator.


How to reduce refrigerator noise?