How to wash dog toys?
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How to wash dog toys?


I. Do dog toys need to be washed when we just buy it?


Your dog's toys need to be washed after you buy them, and they need to be disinfected to avoid damaging your dog's health.This is because the dog toys from the factory carry a lot of bacteria and unclean things, so owners should be careful to buy dog toys should be disinfected or soaked in hot water (depending on the material).Recommended plastic toys can buy silicone material, silicone non-toxic tasteless, buy back only need to simple cleaning.If it's a plastic toy, soak it in a professional pet sanitizer, rinse it with water and let it dry before giving it to your dog.


II. How to clean dog toys?


When it comes to cleaning dog toys, the way to clean them varies depending on what the toy is made of.


  1. Cleaning of plush toys


The first step to cleaning a stuffed animal is to prepare the cleaning tools you need.For example, kosher salt, large plastic bags.This cleaning method is called dry cleaning, after the things are ready, will be kosher salt and dirty plush toys together into the plastic bag, and then into the plastic bag to keep shaking, so that kosher salt and plush toys full friction contact, through this method to clean plush toys.


The principle of this cleaning is to use the adsorption of salt, namely sodium chloride, on dirt. Because salt has a strong disinfection effect, it not only cleans toys, but also effectively kills bacteria and viruses.


You can also wash your dog's stuffed animal with water.Prepare water, silk wool detergent, soft brush and other tools.If the dog plush toy is large, and there is more padding inside, then before cleaning the toy to take out the padding, and then in the appropriate way to clean.Let dry, then put the stuffing on.


  1. Cleaning of plastic, rubber and nylon toys


When cleaning these toys, first immerse the plastic dog toy in water, first add the appropriate amount of edible citric acid and salt, soak for 15 minutes, then add the ordinary detergent.Follow the normal washing method, you will be able to wash things very clean.


You can also use white vinegar for 15 minutes to enhance disinfection.However, it is necessary to note that most of these toys are not suitable for exposure to the sun. The best way is to dry them in a cool and ventilated place.


III. Precautions for cleaning dog toys


  1. Donot use 84% disinfectant wash, 84% disinfectant is the main component of sodium hypochlorite, human skin, hair, human skin, hair, hemp, leather, metal and so on have a certain corrosive, but also a great taste, it is best to use special disinfectant disinfection for pets.


  1. Wash toys to soak over the toys, so as to comprehensive disinfection.


  1. Buy disinfectant do not use directly, according to the proportion of the manual dilution, otherwise the concentration is too high on the dog will be hurt.


  1. 4.Toys not only bought to wash, play for a period of time also to be cleaned regularly, to avoid bacteria from the mouth into the dog discomfort.


  1. When cleaning toys for dogs, pay attention to the use of special cleaning solution.


How to wash dog toys?