Refrigerator purchase strategy and several misunderstandings
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"While the refrigerator design is stylish, it must be convenient!" Ms. Wang, who is a sales mall salesman, has been praised by many users because she recommended air conditioners suitable for many users. However, many consumers will be confused by the sales methods of promoters when buying home appliances. In the end, I bought a bad product, and repairing and returning it became a problem. How to determine whether a refrigerator meets your needs, you really need to learn well. The following we will introduce you to how to buy a refrigerator.

  Common misunderstandings in refrigerator purchase?

  First, excessive superstition "rankings"

  Many consumers are limited by cultural level, knowledge structure, and consumption concept, and often produce "herd psychology" in shopping choices, especially home appliances, because of their large scientific and technological content, complex structure, and insufficient relevant knowledge of most consumers, so they urgently need information such as "ranking" with concise text and good visual effects to obtain psychological support. In their minds, ranking first means the quality of the product. In fact, because the work of some information companies and survey structures is originally a commercial activity, as long as the manufacturer is willing to pay, some research companies are happy to "help" them rank first. Therefore, consumers do not have to be superstitious about various rankings when buying refrigerators.

  Second, only look at the price regardless of quality

  Some consumers blindly greed for cheap, don't you know that some manufacturers in order to enhance the competitiveness of their own products, behind the price drop and then drop, can only be the cutting of components or even shoddy, such a refrigerator in terms of service life, energy saving and other aspects of the actual level is very different from the level advertised. Buying this kind of refrigerator may seem affordable at first glance, but in fact it is tantamount to dragging a "short-lived ghost" who "eats" electricity home. On the contrary, wise consumers will not pay too much attention to the price of the refrigerator, spend a few more dollars, choose a high-tech refrigerator, and save a considerable amount of electricity bills over the past 10 years, which is equivalent to "picking up" a refrigerator.

  Third, pay too much attention to the history of manufacturers producing refrigerators

  Such consumers usually think that only the technology of the old manufacturers is mature and the quality is guaranteed, but in fact this is not absolutely the case. Modern refrigerator technology is changing rapidly, and new production lines are constantly emerging. Due to the large amount of investment required to replace the production line, some old refrigerator manufacturers often prefer to use the old production line rather than risk of investing in replacement, resulting in the production of products that should have been eliminated by modern technology a long time ago. Because the product performance of some old refrigerator manufacturers is obviously not as good as some new refrigerator manufacturers, they only make a big fuss in advertising, and these advertising inputs will eventually be attached to the cost of refrigerators, which is likely to lead to a "inferior and high-price" deformed market phenomenon. Wise consumers should not judge a refrigerator solely on the "age" of a business.

  Fourth, the refrigerator will not be measured from an overall perspective

  Since the refrigerator is an organic whole, somewhat similar to the "barrel principle", its quality is sprinkled to a large extent on the weakest functional index, not the strongest one. Therefore, from the perspective of use, the overall quality of the refrigerator is not high, with a single functional advantage does not have much significance. Only "all-round development" of the overall quality of the refrigerator can maximize its use value. Therefore, to buy a refrigerator that is really suitable for you, you should comprehensively examine its performance from the aspects of preservation, energy saving, service life, reduction, and silence. Of course, there are many refrigerator common sense that are easy to be ignored by consumers, the author only on the above four main "misunderstandings" to remind consumers that in order to buy an ideal refrigerator, it is up to consumers to refer to the following aspects to decide: First, whether the overall appearance is beautiful and generous; Second, flat back is a trend in the development of refrigerators; Third, the whole plate bending box can only be realized by a few refrigerator production lines; The fourth is the performance of the heart component "compressor".


Refrigerator purchase strategy and several misunderstandings