Tell the matters needing attention in the selection of transparent adhesive tape.
01.01.2023 | goodgadgetdeals | Blogs

The following points should be noted when selecting scotch tape products:

  1. Look at its color: high-quality transparent tape has bright color, uniform color and no impurities. The advantage is that it has high strength and is not easy to break during the packaging process.
  2. Touch its material: high-quality transparent adhesive tape has toughness, good rebound rate and certain hardness in touch, and will not damage the machine during use.
  3. To set its nature: not all transparent tapes use the same specification and material. transparent tapes can be divided into full-automatic transparent tapes, semi-automatic transparent tapes and manual transparent tapes. For example, the machine's requirements for scotch tape are toughness and strength. If transparent tape is used as a machine, it is generally best to use recycled materials or pure materials for production and manufacture.
  4. You can select the corresponding transparent adhesive tape according to the packing quantity. The packing rate is the amount of goods bundled per unit time. Generally, it is calculated by day and hour or a working period. The baler to be used is selected according to the packing quantity, and then the corresponding transparent adhesive tape is selected according to the baler.
  5. According to the weight of the packing, the breaking tension of different transparent adhesive tapes is different. Commonly used transparent adhesive tapes include PP transparent adhesive tapes or plastic-steel transparent adhesive tapes. Pp transparent adhesive tape is generally used for goods within 180kg, PP transparent adhesive tape is required for goods within 200kg or so, and plastic steel tape can be used for goods within 200-500kg to save costs.
  6. It can be selected according to the cost performance of the transparent tape. After determining the type and specification of the transparent tape, select the transparent tape with good quality.


Tell the matters needing attention in the selection of transparent adhesive tape.