Toys that rabbits like, recommendation and introduction of how to play.
01.05.2023 | goodgadgetdeals | Blogs

How to correctly select pet toys? Toys that rabbits like, recommendation and introduction of how to play.

Rabbit's toy


  1. Weaving grass hut: made of natural willow branches and grass as raw materials, through hand-weaving. This is a multifunctional cabin where you can hide, play, nibble and rest. This hut not only serves as a hiding place for rabbits to provide them with a safe environment, but also for rabbits to grind their teeth by chewing these safe materials. If the rabbit needs to rest, the owner can also flip it over and use it as a comfortable bed for the rabbit, isn't it perfect.


  1. Wooden bell toys: These toys are made of natural wood, non-toxic and safe. Wooden bell toys make noises that can stimulate the curiosity of rabbits, sometimes for hours. And by chewing these high-fiber toys, it can promote rabbits' gastrointestinal peristalsis and better digestion of food. This toy not only helps them keep them entertained and active, but also keeps them healthy and active.


  1. Fiber ball: This fiber ball is made of corn husk, seaweed, water hyacinth and rattan, and does not contain other additives, dyes and chemical components, which can facilitate rabbits to chew and grind their teeth. The ball is very light and the rabbit can push back and forth effortlessly. These balls can be used inside or outside the cage. You can try putting some food they like to eat in the fiber ball, which may be easier to arouse their interest in playing.


  1. Natural Apple branches: Apple branches are rich in vitamins and can meet part of the nutritional needs of rabbits. This Apple branch tastes sweet, contains less moisture, is easy to store, and does not produce moist mildew. We can place Apple branches at the bottom of the cage, and when they are bored, they can chew this branch for teeth grinding activities to protect the healthy growth of teeth. A little note is that these Apple branches must be stored in a ventilated place.


  1. Stainless steel suspension ball: This ball is made of stainless steel, rust-proof and corrosion-resistant. This ball can be rolled or suspended. We can place food inside the ball and hang it in the center of the cage as a feeder, which has the advantage of avoiding rabbits wasting rabbit grass or eating too much, so that they can maintain good eating habits. And this ball can also be used for them to vent their emotions and relieve stress.


Toys that rabbits like, recommendation and introduction of how to play.