Uncover the secret of the mysterious frost free refrigerator
12.30.2022 | goodgadgetdeals | Blogs

Many consumers are very curious about frost free refrigerators. Because they need to defrost every month, they want to buy a frost free refrigerator. What is the matter with frost free refrigerators? Frost free refrigerators are refrigerators with forced circulation of cold air. The evaporator of frost free refrigerators is usually finned tube type, which is placed in the interlayer between the freezing chamber and the refrigeration chamber or at the upper back of the box. A small fan is used to force the air in the box to convection to achieve the purpose of cooling. Therefore, we cannot see the frost it produces.

How to identify frost free refrigerators:

Check whether the refrigerator model has the letter "W", which usually means frost free.

Advantages of frost free refrigerator:

First, automatic defrosting. Since the evaporator of the refrigerator does not contact food directly, the evaporator can be heated for a short time through the heating system. Refrigeration can be resumed immediately after defrosting. The temperature in the refrigerator fluctuates very little, which is convenient and will not affect the quality of food refrigeration.

Second, the refrigeration is even. The cold air system cools, and the temperature in the refrigerator is stable and even. Direct cooling refrigerators rely on natural convection for direct cooling, which is very easy to form frozen dead space and cause food deterioration.

Third, the temperature is accurate, the temperature of frost free refrigerators is uniform, and the temperature of temperature control points. The direct cooling refrigerators have frozen dead corners, which affect the quality of food preservation.


Uncover the secret of the mysterious frost free refrigerator