What are the dog toys? What are the dogs' favorite toys?
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What are the dog toys? What are the dogs' favorite toys?


What are the dog's favorite toys to play with?

There are many types of dog toys, dogs love to play toys not only ball toys, frisbee toys, plush toys, but now there are latex toys, rope knotting toys, sound toys, drag toys, floating toys, interactive toys, leakage toys, puzzle toys and a variety of intelligent toys brought about by scientific and technological innovation. The following is a small series of several common dog toys.


  1. Balls

One of the dogs' favorite toys is a variety of small balls, some people say that if you give the dog a ball, it can play by itself all day. And the dog's favorite thing is probably to receive the ball thrown by the owner, to deal with this kind of catching game, the dog is really tired of playing, and can also promote the relationship between the owner and the dog.


  1. Ragdolls

Who said that dogs can't love rag dolls, dogs actually have a girl's heart, many dogs, especially large dogs, seem to have their own abnormal hobbies of rag dolls, basically at home whenever they go wherever they go, inseparable, is the dog's best friend.


  1. Bite the rope

Dogs really love to bite when they see everything during the teeth grinding period, of course, to buy some wear-resistant, the bite rope is very suitable, this is much better than plush toys, tear-resistant. Rope biting toys are still quite practical for dogs, but they are easy to get dirty and should be cleaned.


  1. Bone toys

In order to grind the dog's teeth, you can buy some chewing toys in the shape of bones for the dog, after all, dogs are born to gnaw bones, and they are easily bitten and manipulated by dogs. But bone-shaped chewing toys are not very suitable for interacting with pets. You can buy some chicken jerky teething snacks, grind your dog's teeth, and then cut a hole in the bottle and stuff the chicken jerky into it, so that the dog can both eat and play, much better than bone toys.


  1. Leakage toys

If you have a dog that gets bored easily and is gluttonous, you may want to consider missing dog toys. These types of toys usually keep your pet busy eating the food inside, which is very suitable for exercising the dog to "solve the problem" on its own, and it feels quite practical, but when choosing dog food for the dog, it is best to choose something nutritious that can meet the nutritional needs of the dog.


  1. Frisbee

Frisbee is also a very suitable toy for dogs, but not all dogs are suitable Oh, for example, some small dogs are not suitable, it is best not to let them play such strenuous exercise, it is easy to fracture. If the family has golden retrievers and side herders, the amount of exercise required is relatively large, and buying a frisbee can both train and consume their physical strength, so frisbee is very practical for large dogs.


What are the dog toys? What are the dogs' favorite toys?