What are the types of pet toys? The role and function of pet toys?
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What are the types of pet toys? The role and function of pet toys?


I. What are the types of pet toys?


Pet toys can be divided into two main categories according to function: solitary toys and interactive toys.


Solitary toys: popular from the West and recognized by the public in the United States, suitable for pet toys that cannot accompany dogs for a long time, and pet owners choose for dogs. It is mainly to alleviate a lot of separation anxiety, depression and irritability caused by the dog's long-term loneliness. This is also a pet toy that is developing rapidly at this stage and is more acceptable to pet owners.


Interactive toys: Different from the solitude toys in pet toys. Interactive toys require auxiliary dog toys used by pet owners and dogs to play together, which are widely used, such as frisbee, bite-resistant balls, and magic balls.


Due to the rise of solitary toys in China, and now there are more and more pet office workers, the demand for solitary toys in dog toys is greater. The following are the specific classifications of solitary toys:


  1. Teething toys


Dogs in the puppy period are in the period of teeth replacement, the gums will have discomfort, the toys that dogs need at this time are toys that have a grinding effect and will not harm the gums.


  1. Educational toys


Dogs in the period of growth and development, how can they lack educational toys, such as snack rings. Adjust the position of the snack in the snack ring, set the corresponding difficulty, and let the dog remove the snack through his own efforts. At the same time, due to its own nylon material, it is hard and bite-resistant, especially suitable for dogs with strong biting ability.


  1. Simple interactive toys


This is probably the dog's favorite activity, playing games with the favorite owner. Different from the previous interactive toys, this toy can interact directly indoors, when the owner is busy, it is a leaky toy that can be chewed, when the owner rests, only a simple rope is needed, you can have a simple interaction with the owner, and enhance the relationship between the dog and the owner.


  1. Gnawing on toys


When the dog enters its own fixed area, such as a cage for rest, in order to dispel the dog's emotions, you can give it some nibbling toys. In the process of selection, you can choose toys with irregular appearance to prevent the dog from leaving the fixed area due to the toy rolling out, and pay attention to not placing snacks inside the toy to prevent food leakage from causing the dog's anxiety.


  1. Fun toys


When the dog enters a new environment or goes out to ride in the car, it is easy to produce restless emotions, and it is necessary to use something to attract its attention to relieve this anxious mood. For example, rugby, stuff the dog's favorite snacks in the toy in advance, and the dog will make a crisp sound during the process of nibbling, which greatly attracts the dog's attention and relieves the discomfort caused by entering the new environment.


  1. Training toys


Aids for training dogs to reward them with treats by making a sound by pressing buttons when the dog makes the correct movement. After a while, the dog will develop a reflex and make the correct movement when it hears the sound of the ring, thus establishing a pleasant and relaxing training activity.


When choosing pet toys, you must choose carefully based on the actual situation of the pet dog, like the average office worker, you can not have a lot of time with the dog, you can give priority to alone toys. It is recommended to choose larger pet toys to prevent the occurrence of pet ingestion problems.


II. The role and function of pet toys


  1. Pet toys mobilize pets' emotions and activate their temperament. When pets first join the family, they will feel strange, scared and even stressed in the face of new environments, especially as the proportion of adoption instead of purchase increases, many pets who have been harmed will remain more vigilant. How to let pets adapt to the new environment as soon as possible, carefree enjoyment of love from owners has become an urgent problem to be solved. In this way, pet toys can become an "olive branch" thrown by pet owners to pets, which can not only avoid pets from causing harm to owners under adverse reactions, but also familiarize themselves with the new environment as soon as possible under the buffer effect of pet toys, establish an intimate relationship with owners, reduce pets' insecurities, and make them gradually relax their vigilance.


  1. Pet toys can enhance the interaction between pets and owners. When pets gradually build a relationship of trust with their owners, pet toys once again play a role in strengthening the relationship. Companionship is essential in a mutually recognized relationship between pets and owners. In the rare leisure time, owners hope to have intimate contact with their pets, not only through games and interaction, but also through games and interaction, the pet's body and mind can be exercised, improve immunity, but also enable pet owners to relieve stress and obtain positive emotional feedback. At the same time, guiding through pet toys is also conducive to the formation of correct habits of pets, reducing behaviors such as house demolition, indiscriminate eating, and gnawing. For example, in the process of raising a pet dog, the use of dog bite glue can consume the pet dog's excess energy, and dog bite glue has functions such as cleaning teeth. In short, the development of pet toys allows pets and owners to cultivate tacit understanding in benign interaction, which not only makes their relationship closer and closer, but also benefits the physical and mental health of the two.


  1. Pet toys are the emotional sustenance and support of pets when they are alone. For work and life reasons, when the owner leaves the pet at home or sends it to the pet store for boarding, for the pet that the owner is not around or suddenly leaves the familiar home environment, pet toys are tantamount to an important emotional sustenance and support to dispel their fear and anxiety. When pets are at home alone, it is easy to have anxiety due to separation from the owner, and pet toys enable them to be relieved during play, reducing the loss of appetite and barking caused by anxiety; When pets are boarded, because the toys have the familiar smell of pets, pets can be "comforted" in unfamiliar environments and reduce self-harm caused by insecurity.


Pet toys play a vital role in stabilizing pets' emotions, enhancing interaction with owners and accompanying pets, and are the owner's right-hand man in taking care of their pets and their loyal "friends". In the face of diversified needs, more black technology is applied to the design of pet toys, more intelligent and personalized pet toys are favored by owners, and pet toys have great potential in scientific pet raising.


What are the types of pet toys? The role and function of pet toys?