What do the hardware products include?
12.25.2022 | goodgadgetdeals | Blogs

Hardware is a name that appeared only after people had the technology of smelting iron. Hardware refers to some firmware and gadgets made of metal.


Originally, hardware refers to commonly used species metals, but later it has other extensions, and its scope is relatively extensive. There are many kinds of hardware products, but some people always can't tell which metals belong to the hardware category. Below, I will introduce the classification of hardware products for you, and you can know what hardware products we have in our lives.


First, the lock category. Exterior door lock, handle lock, drawer lock, ball door lock, glass window lock, electronic lock, chain lock, burglarproof lock, bathroom lock, padlock, combination lock, lock body and lock core.


Second, the handle class. Drawer handle, cabinet door handle, glass door handle.


Third, hardware for doors and windows. Hinges: glass hinges, corner hinges, bearing hinges, pipe hinges, rails: drawer rails, sliding door rails, hanging wheels, glass pulleys, bolts, door suction, ground suction, ground spring, door clips, door closers, plate pins, door mirrors, anti-theft buckles, pressing strips, touch beads and magnetic touch beads.


Fourth, family decoration hardware. Universal wheel, cabinet leg, door nose, air duct, stainless steel trash can, metal hanger, plug, curtain rod, curtain rod lifting ring, sealing strip, lifting clothes rack, clothes hook, clothes rack.


Fifth, plumbing hardware. Plastic pipe, tee, silk elbow, leak-proof valve, ball valve, splay valve, straight-through valve, common floor drain, floor drain for washing machine, raw tape, pump valve.


Sixth, architectural decoration hardware. Galvanized iron pipe, stainless steel pipe, plastic expansion pipe, rivet, cement nail, advertisement nail, mirror nail, expansion bolt, self-tapping screw, glass holder, glass clip, insulating tape, aluminum alloy ladder, goods bracket.


Seventh. Tools. Hacksaw, hand saw blade, pliers, screwdriver, tape measure, wire pliers, needle-nosed pliers, oblique-nosed pliers, glass glue gun, straight-shank twist bit, diamond bit, electric hammer bit, hole opener, open-ended wrench and plum wrench, riveter, grease gun, hammer, sleeve, adjustable wrench, steel tape measure, box ruler and meter ruler.


Eighth, bathroom hardware. Washer faucet, washing machine faucet, delay faucet, shower, soap dish rack, soap butterfly, single cup rack, single cup rack, double cup rack, tissue holder, toilet brush bracket, toilet brush, single-pole towel rack, double-pole towel rack, single-layer shelf, multi-layer shelf, towel rack, beauty mirror, hanging mirror, soap dispenser, hand dryer.


Ninth, kitchen appliances. Kitchen basket, kitchen cabinet pendant, sink, sink faucet, scrubber, range hood, gas stove, oven, water heater, pipeline, natural gas, liquefied tank, gas heater, dishwasher, disinfection cabinet, bath heater, exhaust fan, water purifier, skin dryer, food residue processor, rice cooker, hand dryer, refrigerator.


The above is the classification of hardware products. There are many kinds of hardware products, which can be divided into nine categories, namely the nine categories introduced by myself. Different hardware products have different functions, so we can choose some hardware we need to buy. Nowadays, most of the hardware is made of stainless steel, and the hardware products made of stainless steel are more durable. However, the price of hardware products made of iron is slightly cheaper, so families can choose stainless steel.


What do the hardware products include?