Why do dog toys Smell? Dog toys smell. What should we do?
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Why do dog toys Smell? Dog toys smell. What should we do?


I. Why do dog toys Smell?

Dog owners usually buy some dog toys for their dogs, and many friends find that their dog toys will have some taste when they play, what is going on?


  1. The reason why the dog plays with the taste may be not regularly cleaned, because the dog is using the mouth to hold the toy, in the process of playing, the toy will inevitably be stained with the dog's saliva, if not cleaned up in time, the toy will appear smelly after the saliva is dry.


  1. Dog toys smell in addition to being contaminated with the dog's saliva to become smelly, but also may be the smell of the toy itself is not good quality, some inferior toys may not be long to have a smell, it is recommended that dog owners buy dog toys through formal channels to avoid harming dogs.


II. Dog toys smell. What should we do?

If the dog play has a taste, it not only affects the dog's play and health, but also has an impact on family hygiene, if the dog play has a taste, it needs to be cleaned, disinfected and sprayed with deodorant:


  1. Cleaning


Dog owners should wash dog toys regularly, if there is already a smell, they should be cleaned in time, soak the toys with clean water and neutral detergent, and then rinse them.


  1. Disinfection


Dog toys are often contaminated with saliva, so in addition to cleaning, pay attention to disinfection, it is recommended to use a special pet toy disinfectant for disinfection, avoid direct disinfection with 84.


  1. Spray deodorant


Dog toys still have a certain smell after washing, if it is not a quality problem, usually because it has not been washed for too long, you can spray an appropriate amount of pet deodorant spray on it; However, pay attention to avoid choosing sprays with strong flavors, because the dog's nose smells a strong smell and is easy to sneeze, affecting the sense of smell.


III. How often to change pet dog toys?


Pet dog toys should be replaced regularly, one is to prevent unclean cleaning and smell after a long time; The second is to make the dog have a fresh sense of play, so how often is it better to change dog toys?


Generally speaking, dog toys are not replaced regularly too often, because dogs may like some toys, you can consider the fun of dog play and the taste of dog toys, if the dog is not very interested or the taste is relatively large, you can replace it, about half a year to a year or so replacement is better.


Why do dog toys Smell? Dog toys smell. What should we do?